The Whitebrook Equestrian Center Main Barn

This is the main barn that keeps all of our first string competition horses. This barn is surrounded in acres of lush pastures and contains 12 stalls.

Overview of the Whitebrook Equestrian Center

This photo shows the main barn, pastures, outdoor riding arena, and indoor training complex.

Training Complex

A closer look at our state of the art training complex.

WEC Biarritz

WEC Biarritz waitint for her class to begin at the Riverview Spring Circuit

WEC Prestige

WEC Prestige arriving at the Riverview Spring Circuit and unloading off the trailer.

Welcome to the Whitebrook Equestrian Center.
Here at the Whitebrook Equestrian Center our main focus is the training, breeding, and competing of premium Hanoverian horses. We have an expansive operation consisting of 20+ horses at any given time. We are currently located on 25 acres in the rolling hills of cavalry fields where our horses have lush pastures and state of the art training facilities. We have a lucrative breeding program with some of the most world famous Hanoverian stallions. Our experienced staff works hard to make sure that the needs of our clients are met. We offer a number of boarding and training services and even have a number of lesson horses that can be matched to any skill level.

The Whitebrook Equestrian Center is an active competing stable that competes in all disciplines: Eventing, Show Jumping, Hunt Seat, and Dressage.

Whether you are looking for training, boarding, leasing, lessons, breeding, or an active competition stable to join, the Whitebrook Equestrian Center can meet your needs.

We have two new horses here at the WEC! Their names are WEC Extravagance, an imported dappled grey Hanoverian mare and WEC Don Auriello a dappled bay import Hanoverian stallion. To find out more, check out their profiles!

▪ We have a new website! Feel free to look around, navigation is pretty much the same we just spruced up the layout.

▪ LEC Chaplin Placed 6th in the Moonlight Falls National competing at Third level.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

WEC Zoella

VRH Bacardi Donnerkonig Adonis
Adamaris Donnegan
Amaretto & Cream
WEC Czara WEC Royal Flush WEC Tanqueray and Tonic
WEC Nocturnelle
WEC All That Glitters Glitz and Glam
Glamour Fades
WEC Zoella stayed at the Whitebrook Equestrian Center originally to become a competition horse. Unfortunately. Zoella sustained a pasture injury that made her only sound for light riding. Due to her lineage we retired her to be a broodmare and pass on her great lines to future Hanoverians.



WEC Cambridge EEC Concalido Colt Clearwater Farm July 2013
- - - - -
- - - - -
- - - - -
- - - - -
- -- - -
- - - - -
- - - - -

EEC Concalido

Conquistadorro Carmello -
Isolde -
Dormella Dovima -
Serenia -
EEC Concalido was purchased from Hunter Farms and Acreages and head trainer Erin Cooke. This stallion came to us with a few breedings under his belt and training in dressage. This stunning stallion definitely has a knack for dressage and throws foals that do as well! Concalido is one of the most special horses at our stable. Most of his progeny history before coming to the WEC is unknown.



Cannavaro KS EEC Daughter of the Niben Colt American Meadows Equestrian Center Jan 2013
Complications HAS - - Hunter Farms and Acreages 2012
Huckleberry Finn HAS Cadbury HAS Colt Stanbrook Farm March 2013
KS Little Ms Boom Boom KS Etch 'A' Sketch Filly Stone Acres Sport Horses Jan 2013
KS Little Ms December - - - -
Donnerax HAS/WEC WEC AnnelieColt Silver Glade Stables April 2013
WEC Cyndara WEC Wild Heart Filly Echo Valley Arabians July 2013
WEC Cambridge WEC Zoella Colt Clearwater Farm July 2013

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WEC Don Auriello

02/2013 Dappled Bay Hanoverian Stallion 16.3 h

Discipline: Show Jumper
Breeder: Import
Traits: Agile, Genius, Obedient, Fast

Don Amarado Don Santigo Don Largo
Liberty IV
Amarie Anesto
Dovima Danger Zone Black Tie
WEC Don Auriello or "Don" as he is known around the barn is one our newest competitors. We were not in the market for another jumper prospect but when Summer Swift and assistant trainer Tessa Grey saw this gorgeous stallion at a sport horse auction in Germany they knew they had to add him to the Whitebrook Equestrian Center show roster.  This stallion is quite goofy, and will often be found chasing the barn cats through the pastures. Don has unmatched speed and agility and is a quick learner. He is sure to throw amazing progeny in the future. 


WEC Rowena

04/2013 Tobiano Oldenburg Mare 16.1 h

Discipline: Show Hunter
Breeder: Import
Traits: Agile, Genius, Obedient

Rixonn Revel In It Sangria Sunset
Out For Glamour
Rixxa On The Scene
Tapiocca S.
Tonksa IV Argent Rayamatta
Tonksa III Jump On It
Tonksa II
WEC Rowena is currently one of four horses at the Whitebrook Equestrian Center that are not Hanoverians. This mare is a tobiano bay Oldenburg mare with a rare white mane and tail.  This mare has a calm nature and is practically a push-button horse, and is sometimes used in the intermediate lesson program at WEC. This mare has great scope and easily clears fences, which makes her a level headed Show hunter. 


Monday, July 29, 2013

Donnerax HAS/WEC

04/2013 Flea-Bitten Grey Hanoverian Stallion 17 h

Discipline: Show Jumper
Breeder:Hunter Acreages
Traits: Agile, Fast, Obedient

EEC/HAS Concalido Conquistadorro Carmello
Dormella Dovima
WEC Annelie Angelo Annakin Star
Sour Mix
Ammaritz Hypothesis
Donnerax HAS/WEC was the result of a breeding request with EEC Concalido from Hunter Acreages.  We liked this colt so much that we eventually bought his sire! "Donner" is a striking young colt with very strong and masculine conformation.  From the first day Donnerax stepped foot at the Whitebrook Equestrian Center we knew he would be a show jumper. While he is still in his training, we expect great things from this big bold warmblood.  He is the only horse at the WEC with a rare blood marking on his left shoulder as he is a black based flea-bitten grey.


WEC Calysta

03/2013 Liver Chestnut Hanoverian Mare 16 h

Discipline: Show Jumper
Breeder:Whitebrook Equestrian Center
Traits: Agile, Genius, Obedient

LEC Eligius LEC Call Me Casanova Call Me Cupid
LEC Eloquence Redwine
Vintage Dream
REC Cosmic Beauty REC Call Me Sid Cedrick
Common Place
REC Knock It Off Knock It Back
WEC Calysta or "Calee" as she is known around the barn is a small frame hanoverian with unmatched speed. This little fireball can steal the course in seconds making quick turns and using her strong legs to her advantage. This mare had quite the start at the WEC. Originally, Calysta was meant to be sold in the 2013 summer season but head trainer Summer Swift could not seem to let her go. Once this mare was started under saddle she was started as a dressage prospect which she soon rebelled against.  She would get ring sour and throw fits, bucking off any rider! It wasn't until she jumped her 4'+ paddock fence that we decided to try her as a jumper, and boy was that a good decision! Calee couldn't be happier with her new career, and she has definitely earned her spot on the Whitebrook Equestrian Center show squad.

WEC Daenerys

03/2013 Flaxen Chestnut Hanoverian Mare 16 h

Discipline: Show Jumper
Breeder: Whitebrook Equestrian Center
Traits: Agile, Fast, Obedient, Genius

WEC Legato Laramie Loren
Jasmine Bell Jaded
Summer Bell
Liberty H. Octavian Adelaide
Alonsa Branson
WEC Daenerys or "Dany" as she is known around the barn has a striking to her sire, the famous WEC Legato.  This beautiful young mare seems to be showing a talent for show jumping like her sire, but she is still finishing her training. This mare has been at the training barn since the day she turned 3 and has proven to have a great sound mind with extreme athleticism to go with it.  Her dam is an import mare from Germany who won many jumping championships before her retirement.